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Their Met Gala, their way. You’re invited.

A group of internet kids are about to hold the biggest fashion party of the year.

A group of internet kids are about to hold the biggest fashion party of the year.
  • In a parallel universe known as High Fashion Twitter or “hft” (Twitter likes to lowercase itself, lest it be seen as shouting), it’s another story.
  • On May 4, the first hft Met gala will take place. Hosted by a group of Gen-Z students/hft users, it was originally conceived last November as a fun companion piece to an event they all followed obsessively, but assumed they would and could never access.
  • Guests will “arrive” by posting their looks — collages or photographs or other visual creations embedded in a specially-designed layout — on Twitter with the hashtag #HFMetGala2020. Almost 900 people have signed up to “attend.”
  • As to how, exactly, the gala will work, attendees simply register on a Google form, where they choose whether they will use photos to create a look, style themselves in their own clothes, illustrate a new look or go vintage in an assigned brand archive. Buying new clothes for the event has been discouraged. Guests have to promise to avoid “unnecessary social gatherings.”
  • Like the party, which acts as the primary fund-raiser for the Costume Institute’s operating budget, they are raising money, though in their case for the International Medical Corps, a humanitarian organization focused on health care, supplies and training. They are asking for $5 contributions; in return, they are going to create an e-book to be distributed after the event, which will function sort of like a Vogue special issue, documenting some of the evening’s most striking looks.