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Allison Chen


Q and A with Allison Chen, pastry person and content creator

What’s your name, age, and preferred pronouns?

Allison Chen, 21, She/Her

Where are you from?

Westchester, NY

In what mediums do you express yourself?

Good food & old memes

What colors do you think represent your aura?

A nice jewel tone of some kind.

What advice would you give someone interested in doing what you do?

Don’t let other people choose your life for you.

Can you share with us a project you’re currently working on?

Still trying to find food media opportunities beyond what I already produce. I would love to have my own
cooking show one day.

How do you feel about success, what is success for you?

I strongly believe that it takes ten years to become an overnight success. It’s less about the
successes itself and more about enjoying the pursuit of it. Not saying I’m good at either of these
things though.

Who is one of your heroes and what would you say to them right now?

I’ve been watching Claire Saffitz since high school. I would like to apologize for my fangirl
behavior in the Midtown Blue Bottle Coffee shop. Also that her apple cake recipe is delicious.

What are you gatekeeping at the moment?

My green juice recipe. Just because I bake pastries every day doesn’t mean I don’t try and have
a healthy diet (the key word is try, I in fact still eat a ton of cookies).

Favorite internet happening, TikTok trend or sound right now?

Can I say what trend I don’t like? Because I really want to stop seeing all these croissant cookie
videos. Like obviously it tastes good. If cookies and croissants tasted bad together, I’d be
shocked and also out of a job.

Who would you nominate next as a person to watch?

My mother. Always.

Check out her pastry content on TikTok & Instagram