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Where are you from?

Bronx, New York.

How would you identify?

I identify as an openly Queer African American content creator who loves to create provoking content.​ Black is beautiful and needs to be highlighted in our society and my goal and ambition is to be one of those voices for the African American community.

What will Gen Z be remembered for?

Gen Z in my opinion will be remembered for our courageous souls. We are a generation that loves equality and what separates us from other generations is our openness to educate and engage in conversation that creates change.

​Where do you get your inspiration from, who/what/where inspires you?

Growing up, I was often bullied about my weight and sexuality. Being a bigger male it’s hard to fully authentically be yourself without judgement. Fashion Icon Andre Leon Talley was someone who always inspired me to be comfortable with my body & personality when it came to fashion & content creation. Seeing someone who looked like me growing up and exude confidence gave me the courage to express myself artistically. Other inspirations include Jeremy Scott, Issa Rae, Lena Waithe & Spike Lee.

​Your work with the Hip Hop Film Festival, can you please tell us about that?

Currently, I’m the lead content producer atHip Hop Film Festival​ & Harlem Film House​. Harlem Film House & Hip Hop Film Festival are a non-profit organization that caters to the culture. I have developed content surpassing 9,000 views on all social media platforms as well as blogging and website development. My latest series ​“The 411”​ was an IGTV series created by me shot and filmed on an iPhone which highlights creatives in the industry. Currently, I run the storiesfromtheculture​ website which houses all of our content and series. With collaborators such as Seed & Spark, Revolt, BET, Backstage, BRIC & much more Hip Hop Film festival and Harlem Film House caters to the underrepresented and allows a space where their voices are heard.

How do you think filmmaking will be affected by the current state of the world?

I think filmmaking will be affected in figuring out new ways to be creative with content creation. As a filmmaker/content creator a lot of the times we get inspiration and are inspired by things we see in the world. Being quarantined and stuck in the house will have you questioning where you belong as an artist but also give you an opportunity to elevate your skills.

What is an artist to do at a time like this?

Right now we are in the middle of a global pandemic & amidst a revolution. I think as an artist and a person of color now is the time to use our creative voices to make sure we are heard and not ignored. Figure out what content relates to these sensitive issues but also making sure it aligns with your Brand. This is also a great time to self reflect and perfect your craft.

If I just met you, what would I immediately notice about you?

My personality & fashion is something that stands out to people when they first meet me. With inspirations from Andre Leon Talley, Jeremy Scott my artsy aesthetic is very hard to miss. At my lowest point in life mentally fashion allowed me to be free and own the room.

Which words or phrases do you most overuse?​

The words/phrases I overuse the most will have to be Iconic & Legendary. Honestly I think those are two words that will never leave my vocabulary lol. I strive to be Iconic & Legendary in my career as a multifaceted creative.

Armiel Chandler is an award-winning filmmaker, director, writer, and content creator. Ever since the age of 17, his goal was to create content that diversifies the industry and inspires the youth. Tackling heavy topics such as Cultural Appropriation, Racism & Stereotypes his most acclaimed work “Je Suis Noir” (I Am Black) has gotten him featured at NBC, Tribeca Film Festival, SiriusXM Radio, BRIC and Blackstar Film Festival. Currently, Armiel is the lead content producer at Hip Hop Film Festival & Harlem Film House where his main goal is to create content that amplifies voices of color and creates opportunities.