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What’s your name, age, and preferred pronouns?

Ashley D. Escobar. Twenty. She/Her.

Where are you from?

San Francisco via Berlin and Bennington, Vermont.

How would you identify?

I am a curator of memories––a passionate filmmaker and photographer––and above all, a writer. Poetry is my first love, but prose allows me to expand on my ideas and worlds.

What will Gen Z be remembered for?

Gen Z will be remembered for how vocal and feisty we are in demand of social and political change. We’re the future.

What stereotypes do you think Gen Z wrongfully gets plagued by?

Older generations may think we’re lazy and “on our phones all day” but we are constantly creating change through our art and technological worlds.

How do you wish to change the world?

I believe everyone leaves a trace of change, and I’d like to touch and tug on the heartstrings of my readers. I don’t mean romance but effectively breaking the hearts of my readers in a beautiful and effective way. I’d like people to enjoy the small moments as they come and go, because every emotion and experience is fleeting. 

How has music shaped your life? What artist in particular are at the top of your playlist currently?

Music has always been a huge part of my corner of the world. Shoegaze in particular captures that transient moment, the duality of lightness and weightiness, the dark behind every soft. It’s dizzying and intoxicating yet calming and tender all at once. I am currently enjoying Alison’s Halo, Sweet Trip, Graham Coxon’s solo work, and Candy Claws.

What self-care steps are you taking during quarantine, what would you highly recommend we try?

I’ve been taking a lot of long walks along the harbor or hikes in the headlands. It’s always pleasant to clear your mind, even if for only a little while, from the constant buzz of modern society. I also take a lot of herbal baths with a novel or a letter from a dear friend to accompany me.

What is an IRL experience that the virtual world can’t replace, why?

Reading physical books is irreplaceable. There is nothing like carrying around an exciting novel full of annotations and highlighted passages. You can almost always tell which books I enjoyed the most by the wear.

What kinds of people do you surround yourself with, what makes them so special to you?

I end up being surrounded by all sorts of people. I don’t have a specific type, except I prefer open-minded and passionate individuals to share my ideas with. I love risk-takers and other creative minds. It’s always interesting to see how a painting method can just as easily be applied to writing. Art has its own ways of interconnecting.

Ashley D. Escobar studies human connection and solitude through the lenses of literature, philosophy, and art at Bennington College. She was selected for the 2020 Catherine Morrison Golden ’55 P’80 Undergraduate Writing Fellowship in Fiction. Her work can be found in MAI: Feminism & Visual Culture, Die Bärliner, and The Claremont Review. She is a staff writer at College Magazine. She is also a filmmaker and photographer. People watching is her favorite hobby, along with taking trains without any particular destination in mind.