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What’s your name, age, and preferred pronouns?

My name is Eugene Walela I am 24 years old and my pronouns are he/him.

Where are you from?

I was born in Nairobi Kenya.

What will Gen Z be remembered for?

Mental aptitude, knowledge, and love.

In recent years we’ve seen a lot of talk about diversity in the fashion world. Has the fashion world been more diverse and accepting in your opinion or does it still have a long way to go?

It has a verrryy long way to go in my opinion. Just based from the castings I went to at the beginning of the year, I still feel like an outsider who isn’t welcome/seen as valuable as my white counterparts.

Tell us about some of your favorite things as of late, what’s your favorite song, favorite movie, favorite food?

I’ve been enjoying reading a lot of good manga, working out, and sunbathing. Fave song right now is probably Stand Proud by Jim Hashimoto (it’s an anime opening). Fave movie I don’t know but I like this Netflix nature documentary called Our Planet it’s super good. Fave food would be fried calamari.

What do you hope people think of when they think of you?

I’m not even sure anymore. I don’t know, they probably think I’m chaotic but I’m always striving to exude positive energy at all times, even though I still end up doing what I feel.

Nominate someone for President, dead or alive, politician or not, who would it be?

Keanu Reeves.

If you could have one dream come true tomorrow, what would it be?

Win the lottery and become a sailor/pirate off the coast of Madagascar or Kenya.

Eugene Walela is a 24 year old living in Atlanta Georgia. He was born in Nairobi, Kenya and his talents include (but are not limited to) drawing, animating, and the occasional modeling. Overall he considers myself to  be a visual/multifaceted artist.