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What’s your name, age, and preferred pronouns?

Isaac Ringo, 21, he/him.

Where are you from?

Plateau State, Nigeria.

What will Gen Z be remembered for?

We will be remembered as a generation that broke barriers, tore down walls, and raised the bar in terms of art, culture, tech, and human-to-human relationships.

We will be remembered as the generation who were the hungriest for a spiritual encounter and awakening, who mastered the art of hiding the true feelings of our hearts using nice filters, designer apparel, and lush parties.

How has the current state of the world personally affected you and your family?

It has affected our finances a lot. Also, individual and collective plans have been suspended, alongside musical gigs. It also makes life somewhat boring because of a lack of activities.

What is something you’d like the world to know about you?

I am human, with a heart of glass as bright as day. I love to dream, lots and lots of dreams. Special but not perfect. GOD, music, film & TV, fashion, and just arts/media generally are my life right now. I like to think that I am both boujee and simple, it’s a paradox.

You and your brother Winner are both a part of PRZM People, being brothers, how has it been growing up together so close in age?

It is so mind-blowing because we are so similar to each other but yet very different and unique at the same time. Winner is the somewhat laidback one, while I am more assertive. Our parents did a great job, they paired us together in everything. School, play, food, even our clothes matched, somehow that has lived with us, still to this day.

Being close in age has made us be passionate about the same things, with our individual uniqueness adding a spark to the duo. We are able to be each other’s strengths, and complement each other where needed. Because of our unique differences and the fact that we are working towards the same goals, we’re able to see from different perspectives and have somewhat of a holistic view of things. It’s awesome!

When did you both start making art together? What art have you made as a duo or solo that you’re most proud of?

We officially became a duo in 2014 and we’ve been writing music since then. Art that I’m most proud of is our album that we recorded just last year December. We also have performed at festivals, conferences, concerts, and several other meetings. We have seen how that has tremendously and positively affected the lives of people.

Where do you both wish to be in 5 years’ time? What dreams do you want to come true, goals to achieve?

I want us to be in a position where we can influence millions of people in order to inspire positive change. To be able to make music and do fashion on a worldwide scale, and be able to share that with people all around the world.

What do you hope your music will make people feel?

Every emotion there is to feel! And also that they can use their pain, pleasure, heartbreak, sadness, peace, happiness, and anger to effect a positive change in the world. In addition, anything (true love, peace, fulfillment, and companionship) is possible no matter their story or journey.

Issac Ringo is a Nigerian-born rising star in the music and fashion worlds. Since 2014 he and his brother Winner Ringo have been the working the concert and festival circuits as formed The Chesed and the duo live, breathe, and make music that breaks boundaries and genres on all continents, on all platforms, with as many sounds as possible. Get to know him further on Instagram or through the music on all streaming platforms.