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What’s your name, age, and preferred pronouns?

My name is Lily for regular, Lily Jane for artistic purposes, and Lillian Jane if I am in trouble. I’m 21 and go by she/her/hers pronouns.

Where are you from?

Born in Buffalo, NY, but raised and attend school in Raleigh, NC.

How would you identify?

I am a creative. I am also a woman, newly-out-bisexual, sister, daughter, and in-home-only comedian.

What do you feel you’ve learned during this time about yourself, your peers, the world as a whole?

I learned that I need a very specific balance of social/internal connection and disconnection to be successful and that the balance of the two is constantly changing and must be listened to. Also, everyone really is in this together. People are people, and most people are meant to love and be loved.

How do you stay grounded?

Creating, writing, talking with my mom, talking at my dogs, and baking are all ways I connect to my thoughts and feelings. I like methodical, creative thinking.

What does fashion mean to you, is it a form of self expression, a way to support brands or ideologies you believe in?

Fashion is absolutely a form of self-expression. Fashion is a way we can understand the world, identify ourselves, emotionally and culturally relate to others, and explore artistic expression. I truly do view fashion as an artistic medium. It is the physical manifestation of our thoughts, emotions, and intentions every day… what is more creative and challenging than that?

What article of clothing can you not live without?

A pair of lucky socks. I’ve had a specific pair of lucky socks through every major period of my life and there is nothing better than a fresh fluffy comfy sock that slowly becomes worn down to the perfect personal foot shape.

Can you draw us a fashion piece of your choosing that represents you currently?

I drew my new prized (clothing) possession, an Avavav Firenze dress I picked up during my short study abroad in Italy. I always have gravitated towards masculine silhouettes and neutrals, but have recently really wanted to step outside of my box and develop a new, more fun, more feminine style. I bought this piece because I love the frills, exaggerated silhouette, and funky personality of the piece, but it is still neutral so not totally out of my comfort zone! Totally helped me envision where my style journey is heading.

What dreams do you hope to come true in the near future?

I hope to see the world become a more awake, lively, and fair place to be. In spite of, or along with, all the recent events that have changed our landscape and world views as of late, I think there is an opening to envision and create a completely new world order. Change is inevitable and Gen Z has a major role in directing what changes come about. And contrary to popular (and economic) belief, I think creatives and artists will be needed to help connect and understand this new world we are coming into.

Last but not least, what would you say to the older generations who are trying to understand Gen Z?

Stop trying to understand us! We are not able to be contained in a single thought, idea, or construct. Listen to us as individuals and respect each person as they come. We are a generation of diverse multitudes.

Picture this: The calm, cool, and collected-ness of a hardworking Capricorn meets the absurdist, witty humor of a Gen Z-er… and you get Lily Jane, a creative. She is studying fashion design, but she also processes the world through writing, baking, and doodling. You can find her work at, her cultivated life on Instagram, and sometimes her clothes at Depop.