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What’s In/Out in 2024? How are New Year’s Resolutions Evolving?


As we step into the new year, numerous individuals are embarking on plans to enhance their financial situations, skincare routines, or overall wellness. In our perspective, there’s a notable transformation in the traditional New Year’s resolution lists, especially on platforms like TikTok.

The conventional lists focusing on self-improvement resolutions have evolved into what we find intriguing – the more contemporary ‘In/Out’ lists. This shift is intriguing as it adopts a more outward-facing format, portraying everyday users as social commentators and taste arbiters. Another interesting trend we’ve noticed is the rise in manifesting through ‘posting into existence.’ Users are expressing personal ambitions or materially driven goals set to trending sounds, creating a half-joking prayer-like format, as we’d describe it: “Dear Lord,…”

On TikTok, where we’ve observed closely, hashtags like #2024insandouts and #insandouts have gained millions of views, with users spotlighting brands, trends, and aesthetics rather than traditional self-improvement goals. Notably, beauty and wellness take the spotlight, evident in hashtags like #2024beautypredictions.

The influence of TikTok on product trends is evident, with a focus on self-care tech emerging as a significant winner. Our observation points to the increased attention on LED light therapy tools, masks, ice rollers, skincare mini-fridges, and Dyson hair gadgets as people aim for a 2024 glow-up.

Interestingly, there’s a resurgence of interest in traditional resolution planning, something we’ve personally noticed. Physical planners are experiencing a renaissance, and analog activities like vision boarding, collating, journaling, and creating reading lists have captured renewed attention in the new year.

For those looking to start the year on a positive note, explore the essential products endorsed by TikTok, as observed from our perspective, to guide you in your journey.